Harbor FAQs

by Capt. John Doswell
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How can I get a ride on a tugboat?
What’s the difference between allision and collision?
What’s the difference between littoral and riparian?
What’s the difference between flotsam and jetsam?
What’s the difference between a boat and a ship?
What are three different ways that a tug can tow a barge or vessel?
What is a twenty-foot-equivalent unit (TEU)?
What’s the difference between a lighthouse and a lightship?
What is a Yokahama and what is a camel?
What is the difference between a barque and a barquentine?
Where did the terms port and starboard come from?
What commodities do we (in New York Harbor) import and export by ship?
What’s the difference between a dry dock and a graving dock?
What is the actual name of the Statue of Liberty?
When did Ellis Island close?
Why is the Bayonne Bridge a problem?
What does “post-Panamax” mean?
Where are fireworks barges loaded?
Which are the nation’s and the world’s busiest container ship ports?
What is the “Teardrop” Memorial?
For more maritime definitions take a look at
Capt. Doswell’s Maritime Glossary (this is a PDF file)

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Tug with railroad cars on barge

Tug with railroad car float. The tug is towing the car float “on the hip”

“Teardrop” memorial
A striking 9/11 monument donated by Russia
as a “gift of solidarity in the war on terror” (President Bill Clinton).

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