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photo: tugboats race on the Hudson River

Our September tugboat race draws an enthusiastic crowd to Manhattan's Pier 84.

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23rd Annual Great North River Tugboat Race & Competition 2015 Review

From WHC Blog &
Ship Spotting with Skelson

Sunday Sept 6, 2015: The “Doswell Effect” was in full force for an exciting day on the Great North River. Here are some photos of the event, with more to follow.

Parade of tugs headed for the starting line. Photo by John Skelson

US Army Corps “Hayward” marked the finish line. Photo by John Skelson

Mister T and Eric R. Thornton. Photo by John Skelson

Ready to race, Buchannan1, Buchannan 12 and Robert E. McAllister. Photo by John Skelson

The race is on – Robert E. McAllister, James William and Thomas D. Witte. Photo by John Skelson

Spectators on the Circle Line Spectator Boat. Photo by John Skelson

Robert E. McAllister takes the lead. Photo by John Skelson

Patricia racing hard. Photo by John Skelson

Race winner Robert E. McAllister gets a fireboat salute from John J Harvey. Photo by John Skelson

Susan and Catherine C. Miller battle it out in the Nose-to-Nose Pushing Competition. Photo by John Skelson

Spectators on Pier 84. Photo by John Skelson

Thomas D Witte Line Toss Competition. Photo by John Skelson

She loves her spinach. Photo by John Skelson

Spectators get to race along with the tugs aboard the Circle Line… Photo by Stanley Martyniak

NY Media Boat and Thomas D Witte. Photo by John Skelson

Keep an eye out for more photos over the weekend…

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23rd Annual Great North River Tugboat
Race Results

Div. A – First Place
Robert E. McAllister
McAllister Towing
Time: 4:05

Div. A – Second Place
CH Phoenix
Time: 4:06

Div. A – Third Place
Thomas D. Witte
Donjon Marine
Time: 4:20

Div. A – Fourth Place
Red Hook
Vane Bros.
Time: 4:21

Div. B – First Place
Mister T
Buchanan Marine
Time: 4:20

Div. B – Second Place
James William
Norfolk Tug Co.
Time: 4:30

Div. B – Third Place
Buchanan 12
Buchanan Marine
Time: 4:53

Div. B – Fourth Place
Buchanan 1
Buchanan Marine
Time: 4:54

Div. B – Fifth Place
Sarah Ann
Donjon Marine
Time: 5:07

Div. C – First Place
Eric R. Thornton
Thornton Towing & Transportation
Time: 4:21

Div. C – Second Place
Catherine Miller
Miller’s Launch
Time: 5:22

Div. C – Third Place
Susan Miller
Miller’s Launch
Time: 5:45

Exhibit Vessels:
Retired Fireboat John J. Harvey
Save Our Ships NY
Time: 5:08

New York Harbor School
Time: 5:52

And last but not least…
Buoy Tender Lt. Michael P. Murphy
Scott Koen


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